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Recurrence of breast cancer and metastasis

Breast cancer has different treatment methods for recurrence and transfer. In the case of local recurrence, the site is removed by surgery, radiation treatment, and drug treatment with anticancer drugs. We will proceed with treatment aiming for healing. If cancer remains on the surgery, perform surgery to remove all breasts. If cancer recurs after removing all the breasts, the resection of the site will be removed and radiation therapy will be performed.

In the case of distant metastases, treatment is reduced to reduce the progress of cancer and relieve spicy symptoms. Drug treatment is the basic treatment so that the whole body is effective. Suppress painful symptoms so that you can spend well. It will be so -called palliative care. Palliative care is not the only thing to do at the end of the end. The way of thinking has changed so that palliative care is performed in parallel from the early stage of cancer. There are various experts in palliative care. With the help of experts, you can live while facing breast cancer.

By understanding the recurrence of breast cancer and the symptoms of metastasis, you can quickly consult your doctor and choose the treatment that suits your current state. The Internet is full of information, but it is also important to check with your doctor and healthcare professionals so that you can gain the right knowledge. There are many ways to help you to live yourself.

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