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Breast Cancer Month

It was in October.

October is a cancer-raising month.However, we think that every month is the monthly cancer-raising month.Breast cancer is one of the few cancers that can be found in your body because it can be a body table.Therefore, in addition to mammography and ultrasound tests, once a month, self-check is performed by yourself, and there is no deformation or dust in the breast.

Some of the breast cancer is not relieved if you have a mammography check, even if mammography doesn't know.If you are determined to have no anomalies, if you care about self-checking, let' s take care of the medical institutions.

Knowing the normal condition of your own breasts gives you a sense of uncomfortable feeling.The early cancer, non-impenetrable carcinogenic cancer, is in the condition that the cancer cells remain in the breast only, but it can be difficult to feel as a dust early as possible.Many people have discovered breast cancer as early as possible by self-checking.


① Lift both arms toward the mirror to check if there is a deformation or difference in the influence of the breast.

(2) Move your hand to a radial or vortex to check for dust.When taking a bath, you make a slip by adding soap and so on.

(3) Turn on your back, and put an unexpensive pillow or towel under the back.Slide the fingers from the outside of the breasts to check for the dust.

If breast cancer can be found early, the survival rate is 100 %.

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