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White Flower Turbans
White Flower Turbans
White Flower Turbans
White Flower Turbans
White Flower Turbans
White Flower Turbans

White Flower Turbans

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size 53-57cm (20.86-22.44inch)

The size is one size. There may be differences depending on the product.


Comfortable FASHION hat


"High elasticity and recovery, gentle fit that can be sucked on the skin."

It is a stretch material.
It is soft and elastic fabric and can be worn comfortably all day.
We select a fabric that is hard to wrinkle and can avoid stimulation.
Because it is polyester fabric, shrinkage and shape collapse are less likely to occur, and it is excellent in friction resistance. It is easy to dry even if it is wet, and it is easy to store it because it is hard to receive pest damage.

Since the metal fittings are not used, it is possible to undergo tests without removing the hat even in X -ray tests.
Made in JAPAN


We will continue to develop and send wonderful products for women with breast cancer.

We are waiting for a lot of voices. And please support us.


The hat is not mass -produced.
Mass production not only produces a lot of waste, but also causes a large amount of carbon dioxide by incineration of waste. This is the cause of global warming.
Our hat is carefully produced one by one.
Most medical care products are mass -produced overseas, but our hats are carefully produced in Japan.


We started production of products and worked on the production of products that women from around the world that removed the breasts by breast cancer in the world have more smiles and comfortable, and held on sustainability and an unafely complicated approach.

Our products combine the best materials and stunning designs to create very special things.

We believe in the production of unique products that you can enjoy quality, feel, and everyone. Products with inspiration from women who suffer from colorful and practically breast cancer are those who live in the world we loves. We hope they inspired you.


White base that makes you feel brighter with a floral pattern
It is a perfect design when going out with fashion.

The size is about 53-57cm (20.86-22.44inch)
Unlike a normal hat, it is a size that takes into account that it is worn for a long time, wear it deeply on the back of the head to protect the head, and that it does not fit enough to understand the shape of the head.

Rubber (stretch component) is placed on the back of the hat in consideration of the fit.


"Unique and stylish headwear"

Our hat is more than a hat covering your head.

It is especially sensitive when chemotherapy is received.

Because it is made of very soft and elastic fabric, you can quickly cover your head and spend comfortably in any scene.

In a physical and emotional experience due to hair loss,DR.BREASTWearing TURBAN will help you calm your heart.

Of course, whether you are treating cancer, alopecia, turban, days when your hair is sick, or religious reasons ()DR.BREASTThe turban was created as an item that everyone can wear regardless of religion. ) It is manufactured for all people.

DR.BREASTWearing the turban accessories of the turban will make you feel even better.

Adapt to all situations, we will go on your path with you.


All products use safe ingredients that have cleared the standards.

We value quality very much.

We promise to continue to send good products.

We love our customers, and our satisfaction is our top priority. Do as much as possible to be happy.


Fresh beauty is born from endless curiosity.

The world is always our founder and lab.

We are drawing infinite inspiration from light and breathable products and experience.