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Our story

"Where do you think it is difficult to use in the current breast form?"

Currently women of breast cancer are increasing worldwide.
I think that there is a large amount of mental loss due to the breast resection, and there are many people who feel physical disorder due to female specific diseases.
Ordinary breasted form is a heavy skin color.
Now that the weight is painful and the shoulder is painful, the skin is steamed, it is sober and design, and the feeling becomes dark.
In fact, I often hear the voices saying "I want to hide unintentionally from women of breast cancer.

Is there no way to solve this troubles?

"If you have forgotten light and wear, breathable, design is also a feeling of wearing fashion items"?

This product is
"Nature, individuality, more smiles will be brighter"
I was born from the thought.

My complex

I felt myself from my childhood that my thumb nails were different from others.

I always hid it.

However, I felt easy to feel that I made a nail, and I felt that I had to hide.

It feels like it's a majestic, just looking at colorful nails.
"Why I had hidden my thumb so far."

Our research

Since there is an opinion that "shoulder comes" "I'm worried about the balance between left and right", I can imagine that "heavy pad is heavy" involved in burdening the body.

Silicon pad breast forms are often used to balance their left and right.
However, combined use with underwear that is not supported by heavy breast form is reverse effect. The more you get a silicon pad, the more you get in your clothes.
The combined use of heavy breast forms and underwear that can not be supported is extra tired.

If all the breast-based surgery, arms and fingers are floccurized with lymph edema than those who have preserved. The stiff shoulders are terrible.
It is important to keep the body image with a heavy breast form close to the pseudo-breast, but it is important to keep the garment on the surgery, which may cause lymphatic edema.
A high pressure may be avoided to reduce your physical burden.

Our action

You may want to change the concept of breasted form including all women's voices, the hair color, the skin color and individuality, can there be individuality in the breast form, right?

The breathability was also improved, and it has made it to reduce weight reduction so that you are wearing.
The feel and softness pursued the same softness as our skin.
As the feeling of feeling, I was born as an "accessory breast form" of the accessory feeling acquired as a fashion item.
Let's experience the feeling of feeling when wearing a favorite nice clothes!
Dr.Breast develops products for breast cancer women as "Breast Lab".

Product features



swimming & ActiveLife






"Omotenashi" SERVICE

Active time with product

It can be used in water.

Even swimming can be used in the gym.

Let's exercise with a lighter breast form.

How to put the product underwear

You can use either left or right.

Brest form should be used in the underwear pocket.

Some of the breasted forms are okay even if they take out of the pocket.

It is okay to put the product in the breasted form cover and use it.

Care and Maintenance

1 · Wash the surface gently with water or lukewarm water. If there is dirt, dissolve the neutral detergent in lukewarm water and rinse.

2 · Wipe the water with a dry towel.

At this time, pressing or narrowing it will cause deformation. Please wipe it gently.

3. If used in the pool or the sea, flush it with tap water.

4 · Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature and humid place.


· Products are all inspected by the eyes of the person, and quality control is firm and delivered in a perfect state.

· Dust may have dust, but there is no problem with quality.

· The color and size may differ depending on the arrival time, as it is carefully manually done one by one.

· Please refrain from wearing a breasted form as it may cause damage.

· When the product arrives, please open it as soon as possible.

Every Day Routine Take IT EASY!

customer's voice

Kimso ***

It is very breathable is looks good products from the appearance.

Dr.A ****

It looks like it looks fashionable and fashionable.
Very cute design.
It is a feeling like everyday makeup.
It is a very nice product that likes fashion.

Dr.M **

I think that the heavy pad so far is light and the burden on the body is also very good. It is also very good for designability.
It is a product that wants to recommend to breast cancer even in hospital.


Since I was worried about the size of the left and right when wearing surgery, I bought it. When I put it on, I felt good that I didn't care about the sense of incongruity and the weight. It is light than I thought and breathable. It is the second purchase that you want to buy different colors. It is also recommended that you are lost.

Jessi **

Because yoga is usually done, it is a product that is very breathable and light and it is a product that is very fit. I really like it because I wash it even after sweating.

AKI **

The products that were usually used were very heavy. I felt sinked if I thought that I had to wear a heavy thing every day. Now it is light and is compatible with my body balance. I also purchased a different color to match my daily mood.

About our goods

Patented (Patent acquisition) Patent Granted (Patent acquired)

This product is a product produced by medical workers.

Products are located in domestic hospital shops, mammary gland surgery outpatients, and overseas cancer -related products.


A portion of the proceeds from product sales will be donated to the National Cancer Center, global cancer support groups, breast cancer support groups, environmental and animal protection groups, UNICEF, women's support groups, etc.

To all the women