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Breast Form Flower  - PEACH
Breast Form Flower  - PEACH
Breast Form Flower  - PEACH
Breast Form Flower  - PEACH
Breast Form Flower  - PEACH
Breast Form Flower  - PEACH

Breast Form Flower - PEACH

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It is suitable for those who have had total mastectomy surgery and those who have undergone partial breast surgery. In order to balance the left and right sides, it may also be used by those who have undergone skin-sparing mastectomy surgery.
For those who have undergone partial breast surgery, we recommend a slightly smaller size. (There are individual differences.) )

Breast foam made from the highest grade, FDA certified materials. It's lightweight, breathable, and makes you forget you're wearing breast foam.

It's like one of the fashion items.


We will continue to develop and send wonderful products for women with breast cancer.

We are waiting for a lot of voices. And please support us.


Estamos familiarizados con la naturaleza y hemos comenzado a producir este producto para comprender nuestro cuerpo, por lo que tenemos una gran promesa de que los productos no dañarán el medio ambiente.

Todos los productos utilizan los ingredientes de mayor grado y fabrican productos en Japón, donde nacieron nuestros productos. Nuestros productos cumplen con los estándares de la FDA.


We started producing products so that women around the world, who have removed breasts due to breast cancer around the world, can spend more smiles and more comfortable, and have an unforganese approach to sustainability and environment.

Our products create a very special thing by combining the best materials and wonderful designs.

We believe in quality, feel, and the production of unique products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired women with breast cancer represent what we love in the world where we live. We hope they will inspire you.


It is soft like velvet and is pink with tenderness and compassion. Provides peace from the inside and brings modern beauty. It resonates with our longing for intimacy and connection, and it is a color that shines with warmth, modern and elegant shine.

Size (flower shape)

The size chart is a guide.

The type of underwear and the human body have different fit depending on each.

It is designed to be underwear with a pocket.

Our M size is a size that people who usually use S size can be used with confidence.

If you have a breast part surgery, we recommend a slightly smaller size. (There are individual differences.)

The size table may differ depending on the country.

Be sure to check the size of the detailed product under the size table before purchasing.
We recommend that you compare it with the size of the brest form you are currently using.

Please contact us if you need advice.

XS: 80 (3.1) x 100 (4.0) x 33 (1.3)
S: 100 (4.0) x 120 (4.7) x 40 (1.6)
M: 120 (4.7) x 140 (5.5) x 46 (1.8)
L: 137 (5.4) × 157 (6.2) × 56 (2.2)

The notation is MM.

XS is small. If you are lost in XS or S, please feel free to contact us or contact us.

The size is a guide. Please note that there are individual differences.

* XL will be made in the future.


All products use safe ingredients that have cleared the standards.

We value quality very much.

We promise to continue to send good products.

We love our customers, and our satisfaction is our top priority. Do as much as possible to make you happy.


Fresh beauty comes from endless curiosity.

The world is always our founder and lab.

We are drawing infinite inspiration from light and breathable products and experience.