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What is necessary for early detection of breast cancer

Breast cancer brat is "early detection".

It is said that breast cancer will be cured by more than 90%of those who find it early. The important thing about breast cancer is "early detection. Early treatment". There is a difference in treatment and prognosis between early detection and when breast cancer is found in progress.

“If you find it early”

⚪︎ Life is protected

⚪︎ The 10 -year survival rate from the onset is 90%or more

⚪︎ Easy to preserve the breast

⚪︎ In many cases, drug therapy (anticancer drug) is unnecessary

"If it is discovered in a progressive state"

⚪︎It may increase the recurrence rate and a crisis for life

⚪︎ The 10 -year survival rate from the onset is 25% in the Lv period

⚪︎It is difficult to leave the breast

⚪︎ Pharmacotherapy (anticancer drug) often needs to be used

Breast cancer does not have much subjective symptoms in the early stage. Subjective symptoms appear as the sick period progresses. A well -known symptom is the "lump" of the breast. You can touch and check the lump of breast cancer yourself. Unlike a benign breast lump, it doesn't move much hard.

In addition, breast cancer may be suspected due to eczema and dullness in the nipples and areola, and blood secretions appear. As the cancer progresses, the breasts may see dust -like dust, the skin may be reddish, swollen, and painful. In addition, if breast cancer has been transferred to the lymph nodes, swelling and lumps under the armpit may be seen, and numbness may occur due to the compression of the nerve due to lumps.

If you feel such an incident, you should quickly get a specialist diagnosis for "early detection. Early treatment".

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