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Dr.Breast Customer Service

HI! How We CAN Help?

About your order

A. Please contact us immediately because the transaction may not complete. We will change here.

A. Depending on the product arrival status, the product may not be delivered even if your order is complete. If it can not be delivered by one sold out, we will notify you by email.

A. Sorry, we're unable to change on web store.
If you are before mail, you can change the size and color of the product, so please contact us by email and email within 24 hours of purchase.
(If you do not have stock, please wait for the product you purchased first. Canceled, so please check the size and color again before purchasing.)
Cancellation and addition of goods can not be added. If you want to add a product after the order completion, please purchase again.

A. Sorry, we do not wrapping service.
However, if you purchase the product, you will have a box that is ideal for gifts.

Regarding delivery

A. Sorry, we can not specify.

A. Convenience store receiving and settlement is not handled.

A. Only domestic customers, free shipping for post flights. However, there is no guarantee of the product, so if you are concerned about the state of the product, please use the courier service.
For post-flights, the box will not be included because it will be posted to the post.
If you use courier service, it will be 660 yen (tax-included).

For overseas flights "Q. Do you have any overseas shipping rates?"

A. Post flights will be delivered from the next day of the next day. The delivery service will be delivered the next day after shipping, and the delivery of the day after shipping.

Overseas flights take 1 to 2 weeks.

※ Depending on natural disasters, wars, cases, accidents, etc.


Asia 800 yen

Overseas territory such as Australia, Oceania, North America, Central America, Guam, Middle East, Europe, Russia 1,200 yen

South America 1,300 yen

African region (Due to delivery status, it is expensive. Please understand.) 1,700 yen

Depending on the country or region of the destination of the ordered product, customs duties (import tax, added value tax, customs clearance fee, etc.) may be incurred.

In that case, please note that the customs duties etc. will be borne by the buyer.

A. If the amount of orders for one country is 8,000 yen (tax included), it will be free shipping.

A. The delivery destination of the email address and the information mail may not be set correctly, or may not be delivered by spam settings. Please check the reception settings and spam folders of the email address.
※ We recommend that you set domain specification reception to receive mail from "hello@drbreastform.com".

A. I can not order on the phone.

Email please email, such as adding, changing / canceling your order.

A. Pack in a box and deliver it.
If you do not need a box only for domestic customers, we will send it by post flight. Overseas customers are involved in transportation, and we will deliver in the box. For post flights, there is no guarantee of the product.
It is not responsible for the package loss or corruption. If lost or damaged, please email hello@drbreastform.com.

※ If you can not respond to posting to Japan Post Post and mail service, we will change to courier service.
At that time, the order content is not listed for delivery documents.

A. Although the delivery of delivery to the delivery box is not acceptable, it may use a non-existent home departure box at the judgment of the delivery company. Please contact the delivery company for details.

A. I can not change it.

A. It will be possible.

About the product

A. Please check how to select the size.
If you get lost, it is recommended to have a smaller size than usual. If you have any questions, please contact us from the inquiry form. We will contact you from the staff.

A. Sorry, we're unable to go by hygiene.

A. Sorry, we're unable to go by hygiene.

About Brestform

A. There are individual differences, but it is two years if it is used as usual.
You may want to use it any more. However, it is not always affected by the customer's cleaning method.
If you feel that it has deteriorated, we recommend buying it without use.

A. Sorry, we do not have a warranty period.

A. It is as described in the homepage.
Alcohol and bleach use may be due to damage or discoloration, so do not use it absolutely.
As it is too low, it will deteriorate, so we recommend cleaning at a frequency of 1 to 2 times a week.
Do not use washing machines, dryers and dryers. Please wash it.

A. Do not wear it because it leads to product corruption.

A. Please purchase new one because you can not repair.

A. Dr.Breast's products consider safely, and because of the highest grade material and FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approval, the problem is that the problem is There is no, but please put it in the underwear pocket and use it.

A. There is an individual difference, but we recommend one month after surgery. Do not use if you are currently using radiation treatment or chemotherapy.
If you are worried about your use, please contact your doctor.
Also, if you are anothermal skin, itching and redness during use, do not use those who have secreted with a nipple.

A. It can be done without any problems.
However, if chlorine is strong, the odor may be transferred.

About payment

A. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, PayPal, Bank Transfer.
If a conflict occurs between the customer and your credit card company or the clearing organization, such conflicts are solved among the stakeholders and shall not be liable.

A. In Japan, you can accept JCB, VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN Express debit cards and credit cards.

A. Sorry, I will pay once.

A. Overdrawation date is based on the terms of the Credit Card Company.

A. Sorry, we're unable to do after ordering.

A. Please be sure to contact us. If you do not contact us, you can not check your payment and can not move to shipping.

A. Our guests are often delivered directly as gifts, and there are many customers who do not want delivery books and receipts from personal information etc.
In addition, we are focusing on the environmental efforts, so we will deliver products without bundling.
Please note that we will replace order confirmation email after ordering.
If you require a delivery note on paper, please contact us if you're on the inquiry button, please contact us and specify your delivery book. I will be bundled with the product.

Credit Card Company Authorization [Usage Description] is a formal receipt. Bank transfer is issued at the time of transfer [Description] is a receipt.

A. Please contact your credit card company because it depends on the regulations of your credit card company.

About returns and exchanges

A. It is listed on the homepageRefund policyPlease refer to the.

Only if there is a defect in the product, we will pay the shipping fee and exchange it for new products, soInquiry formPlease contact us more.
At that time, please tell us why there is a defect.
Even if there is a defect in the product, we are sorry, but we do not refund. I will send a new product again.
Please note that you cannot receive it even if you send the product back without contact. If the product is sent back without contact, we will return it by cash on delivery.

Size exchange is possible only in Japan depending on the situation. Returns cannot be returned. In the case of size exchange, please contact us by email.

However, within three days after the product arrives, it is limited to the same state as new.

A. from the hygienic aspect, we can not return goods other than defective goods.

The size exchange is possible only by domestic circumstances. You can't return. In case of size exchange, please contact us by email.

However, within 3 days after the arrival of the item, it is limited to a state similar to the new item.

A. Please send back for "cash on delivery".
 We will pay for shipping costs. At that time, be sure to emailhandPlease contact me.

A. Please send it back in the state when the product arrives.

· If you contact us from our shop, send a defective product with cash on delivery.
· Please send it back with courier service and Yu-pack. Please be sure to keep track of tracking.
· Set all items are all the set contents, and the accessories will always be returned together.
· Do not put the tape directly into the box and not packing the product in the packaging box.

A. For letter packs and non-standard-shaped mails, there is no security system in the delivery company, so please refrain from the delivery means for your return.
Be sure to ask the guarantee system and tracking method.

the others

A. Personal information received from customers will not be used any other than shipping and notification of goods. Safety accumulation and storage with responsibility and transferred to a third party.

A. It is not eligible.

A. Excuse me, but will be paid for shipping costs at the time of shipping and return shipping fee when it will be returned to Japan. Delivery charges are different depending on the delivery area, so we will contact you again.