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Refund policy

As soon as the goods arrive at your hand, please make sure that there are no differences between the ones you ordered.

We pay special attention to the quality protection of goods, due to the nature of products exposed to the skin.
Except in the case of one case, please be aware that the return and exchange may correspond to the customer's convenience.


Once the order has been confirmed, the size and color change will be made possible within 24 hours of the order.Please be sure to contact us from the inquiry form.

You may not be able to cancel or change products due to indefective products or customers other than misdelivery.

We're sorry, but we cannot accept the size and color exchange of products (other than defective and false delivery) from the arrival of the product from a hygiene perspective.

For that reason, please check carefully before ordering.

[for return and exchange]

Please contact me within seven days after the arrival of the goods due to product defects and misdelivery.

* Product returns only for product defects or false delivery

In that case, be sure to include the following: (1) Name (2) When a product is misdelivered (3), the size and color of the product (s), and the details of the defective goods.

We will be in touch with the return method at a later date, so please be sure to wait for the contact and send it back.
After you contact you, you will be sent back to you.

If the product is sent back without contacting, cancellation of the product will be handled.

If it is sent back, please return it within seven days of contact.

If you take a long time to return, please give me a good news.
Products older than seven days will not be eligible for communication without any communication.

If you have returned too much merchandise, you may be able to refuse to make a transaction by our standards.

Please note that if you are unable to accept the replacement of the product immediately, for example, the availability of the product is not possible.

I will tell you when and how long you will be in.

Please contact us by the form and e-mail to contact our store.

[Return of bad goods and/or misshipping goods]

The shipping charge will be borne by us.
Do not destroy the packing with the bag.

Products such as bags of goods and buffer materials have been delivered without being discarded.

After you arrive at the product, you will have to send me a new product.(If no inventory is available, you will be notified when it will be received.)

[Return Method]

Please return with the convenient shipping method.We will be able to return it by the shipping method with a tracking number.

At that time, the return shipping and retransmission fees are paid by the company (with payment of payment and payment).)

Return Products To

[in the case of product irraquality, maldelivery, or other case]

We are paying close attention to the goods.

If the products purchased are significantly different, please contact us within the next seven days after arrival.

We will deal with it as soon as possible.

*It may be possible to deal with a slight error in the size and color of a product, a little dirty, and a return if the quality is not a problem, and if the problem is not problematic.
*Please note that it may not be possible to reduce the amount of refund or the amount of refund, even if it is not good or misdelivery.

It will be replaced with the same new product, except in the following cases:

[Return and non-replacable]

  • You cannot accept a return or exchange for a product that you have worn for once.)
  • goods due to a slight error in size or color
  • a product that is not a matter of some dirt or quality
  • Goods that have been scratted, tainted, or damaged by the customer
  • a product that has been cleaned and cleaned up
  • commodities whose odor is sticky and can be found in the form of a wearer's appearance
  • goods whose commodity value has been significantly lost due to lack of consideration at the time of return
  • Products that have been 7 days old after arrival of a product
  • SALE
  • Products returned by shipping charge (for inability to receive)

If a product is returned as described above, it will be refunded to you.

For any damage to goods caused by defective or on-delivery problems, the product will be exchanged with the same product.
Also, if your order is different from your order, please contact the following 7 days after the arrival of the product.
I'd like you to exchange it at once.(In this case, the shipping charge and fees will be borne by the store.)

[About the Coolingoff]

The coulingoff is a system that applies to the Door-to-Door Sales.Please note that this site will not be applied for communication sales.