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Do you know breast cancer correctly?

In recent years, it is a large breast cancer in women's cancer, but it is necessary to learn the right knowledge. Breast cancer is cured by early detection. Initial symptoms are "no symptoms".

This time I will talk about five misunderstandings.

1 Breast cancer is not a disease that does not cure. Early discovery, early treatment, transition, and recurrence risk decreases. Let's try to receive regular examination from young time.

2 Mammography precedes the pain in pain. It is not good to be painful. However, it is not painful every time because the last time was painful. If you have to hurt it, please change the time of examination. It is recommended to be after physiology that breast tension releases.

3 It is said that if the breast is small, it is difficult to become breast cancer, but there is no size and medical relevance. Mammary tissue is involved in no size. Mammary tissue is not proportional to size. It is important to have a sense of consciousness about the contents of the breasts such as mammary concentrations in screening, rather than size.

4 If you are breastfeeding, you will be lost if you have to go to the screening. Medicine checking during nursing is not recommended. During breastfeeding, mammary concentration is high. Mammography is less likely to discover breast cancer. During breastfeeding, a child is 1 year old and the normal inspection will be possible if the amount of breast milk is low. However, if you have symptoms that doubt breast cancer, please visit the hospital soon.

5 "Eating a dairy products often tend to be cancer" and I think that "I will not be breast cancer if I eat vegetables". Both have medical basis. It is not good to take too much of the same food, and it is necessary to eat meat and fish as well as vegetables, and eat food. This is basic.

Let's keep in mind a healthy life!

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