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BreastForm - Dawn Pink

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Comfortable breast form after breast cancer surgery


High grade, FDA-certified breast foam. It is lightweight, breathable, and forget that you are wearing a breast form. It is one of the fashion items.

Our Promise

We will continue to develop a wonderful product for breast cancer women. We are waiting for a lot of voices. And please support us.


We have a strong promise that the product does not harm the environment because we started making this product familiar with nature and understand our body. All products use the highest grade material and manufacture products in Japan where our products were born. Our products conform to FDA standards.

About Dr.Breast

We started production of products and worked on the production of products that women from around the world that removed the breasts by breast cancer in the world have more smiles and comfortable, and held on sustainability and an unafely complicated approach. Our products combine the best materials and stunning designs to create very special things. We believe in the production of unique products that you can enjoy quality, feel, and everyone. Products with inspiration from women who suffer from colorful and practically breast cancer are those who live in the world we loves. We hope they inspired you.


Don't feel like you're calm and relaxed with calm dark pink.

Size (star shape)

The size chart is a guide.

The type of underwear and the human body have different fit depending on each.

It is designed to be underwear with a pocket.

S size corresponds to floral brest form XS / S size.
The XL size corresponds to the floral brest form L size.

The size table may differ depending on the country.

Be sure to check the size of the detailed product under the size table before purchasing.
We recommend that you compare it with the size of the brest form you are currently using.

Please contact us if you need advice.

M size: 105mm (4.1in) x 125mm (4.9in) x 40mm (1.6in)
L size: 120mm (4.7in) x 140mm (5.5in) x 45-50mm (1.8-2.0in)

The size is a guide. Please note that there are individual differences.


All products use a safe component that has cleared the criteria.

We are very emphasizing quality.

We promise to send good products from now on.

We love our customers and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We will do as much as possible to make it happiness.


Fresh beauty is born from a few curiosity.

The world is always our founder and laboratory.

We are light and breathable products and infinite inspiration from experience.