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Right knowledge about cancer and food

You may have heard of it once, such as "eating 〇〇 does not cause cancer" or "eating 〇〇 makes it easy to get cancer." In particular, the word "if you eat vegetables, you won't get cancer." These words seem to try to become vegetarian from the treatment period of breast cancer.

Vegetables, fruits, beans, potatoes, seaweeds, tea, herbs, etc. are said to have antioxidant and improve immunity, which is expected to be useful. 。 However, there is no medical basis for taking a large amount of vegetables to affect cancer in the body. It is better to eat some animal proteins taken from meat and fish. It is better to take meat, fish and vegetables in a moderately well -balanced manner.

Similarly, what you often hear is that if you eat dairy products, you will get breast cancer. Certainly, it is true that dairy products have increased the risk of developing breast cancer in the past, and vice versa. However, the clear relationship with breast cancer is not clear. It cannot be concluded that dairy products are the cause of breast cancer. It is better to eat moderately for any food instead of eating too much. If you have eaten what you want to eat, you will lose stress and lose fun.

There is nothing you should never eat during breast cancer. If you have a diet restriction without being swayed by various information, you have to protect it, but if not, eat a nutritionally balanced meal.

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