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AYA generation and AYA generation breast cancer

Do you know the word AYA generation?

Adolescent and Young Adult: AYA (Adolescent. Youth generation). Generally, they are 15-39 years old.

The number of breast cancer has begun to increase in the 20s and is the highest in the age of 30-39. The absolute number is currently small at a ratio of about 5%. However, cancer is the first cause of the death of the AYA generation. The part where cancer occurs depending on the age is different.

In many countries around the world, mammography examinations are subject to 30 years old or over, so there are few opportunities to be tested for those under the age of less than that, and many of the patients in breast cancer themselves are lumpy and bloody secretion. I am found by noticing things. For this reason, it is often diagnosed with symptoms compared to other generations. In addition, the ratio of HER2 -positive breast cancer, hormone receptor -negative breast cancer, and triple negative breast cancer is high. The danger of postoperative recurrence is more related to the degree of progress at the time of diagnosis and the properties of cancer rather than age. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer in the AYA generation, it is necessary to consider genetic milk cancer, and it is better to consider the surgery method.

Patients with breast cancer of the AYA generation overlap when they think about live events such as work, marriage, childbirth, and child -rearing. Different individuals, such as your home environment, degree, employment, and economic situation, you need to make decisions according to various situations.

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