Goodfit & smile♡Breast cancer support♡ Summer break :August 18th to 23rd

Would you like to spend this summer with a bright brest form?

Spring is over and summer is approaching.

As the summer approaches, even if you spend your time in light clothes, you will sweat under the blest form. In summer, it is hot, so I think many people wear simple handkerchiefs and light cotton blest forms.

However, if you sweat, you will be sweaty and wet on the handkerchief and light cotton blest form.

Our blest form sweats, and it doesn't feel uncomfortable even if sweat adheres to the brest form. In addition, it is a light blest form and has a good breathability, so you can spend a sultry summer comfortably.

There are plenty of color variations, so you can change the color in your daily mood.

Would you like to spend this summer comfortably in our breast form?

This week, new colors will be added to the floral brest form! Please look forward to it.

Have a nice new week.

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