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May is a mental health month.

It is May. May is a mental health month.

Today is an article about mental health care for cancer patients.

In general, cancer patients are uneasy when they find out that they are suspected of cancer, get nervous every time they are tested, and when they are diagnosed, they often see their heads. increase. The "bad news" at the time of the announcement of this disease name is usually a strong shock that changes the outlook for the future in life for many cancer patients.

Also, even if the cancer heals after receiving the treatment, the anxiety of "maybe it will recur again" will not go away and you must live with stress. Depending on the course of cancer, there is an opportunity to receive this "bad news" many times until you die, such as recurrence, transfer, treatment of treatment, and announcement of life expectancy. The patient facing cancer is life -threatening.

Mere "anxiety" and "depression" are the state of the mind that is in everyone, and such a normal psychological reaction does not require mental treatment immediately. but,Cancer patients are less likely to notice that they are mental illness, and in order to connect to early detection and early treatment, people around the family need to be careful. It is important to watch around.

Being affected by cancer is a significant shaking heart, "You don't have to blame yourself because you can't always have a positive way of thinking, and even those who have any adaptive ability." It is important to receive better treatment than "using more and more help for you" and face cancer.

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