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About Second Opinion

This time, let's talk about the second opinion. Even if the doctor is determined, it may not be convinced if the compatibility is not good or the therapeutic policy. I do not want to regret it.

It is important to start treatment early with advanced diseases such as breast cancer. If you are looking for a hospital again, you will spend only time. It is a second opinion to take advantage of it. Second Opinion is a second opinion, referring to other doctors' opinions in advance. Treatment width and options are expanded. When doing a second opinion, step on the correct procedure and proceed with the treatment without disgusting each other.

1. First, let the attending physician listed the introduction of the medical information provider. At that time, let's understand the therapy policy of your doctor. If you clear which points have not been convinced, you can deeply understand the description from your doctor in your doctor.

2. Find a hospital that has a second opinion. Take a consult with your doctor, nurse, and social worker because it takes time.

3. Second opinion is the outpatient consultation. Be sure to make a reservation. It is good to put a priority to what you want to know.

4. After listening to the second opinion, tell the original attending physician. It will be an important point to select the best treatment. Let's talk firmly with the doctor.

The flow is summarized. It is doctor shopping whether you have to be careful. Doctor shopping is to pursue various hospitals and seeking various hospitals. Listen to multiple doctor's opinion and refer to it is not wrong, but it is important to decide the best treatment and yourself. Doctor shopping and second opinion are different because the meaning is different.

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