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Relationship between breast and breast cancer (breast reconstruction) and breast cancer

Both breast and breast reconstruction are inserted between silicon or saline.

A report has been reported that ALCL (Breastin Prand-related undifigured large cell type lymphoma) could occur in patients who have previously produced from FDA and breast reconstruction. ALCL is a disease that serves a serum around the implant. This is called BIA-ALCL. It is a rare disease. The correspondence announced by the FDA is as follows.

1 BIA-ALCL potential will be described. If you put an implant in breast reconstruction, check if there is no pure or swelling after surgery.

2 If implant insertion is inserted, self-inspection will be conducted regularly.

(3) If a serum species is seen around the implant after a year after surgery, the possibility of BIA-AlCl is considered. The most important thing is after one year after surgery.

4 If the possibility is suspected, a specialist inspection, diagnosis, and care team treatment plan is created. First, check the inspection with CT, PET, MRI. For liquid storage, we will biopsy for echoes and cytology and mass. If you have a diagnostic confirmation or suspicion of BIA-ALCL, we will search the whole body.

Breast reconstruction is essential for the treatment of breast cancer. Bia-AlCl also increases early treatment, as breast cancer is early discovery and early treatment is important. If you feel an abnormality, visit the hospital quickly.


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