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Breast cancer and stress

"Breast cancer gets worse when exposed to stress"

When stress such as anxiety, anger, fear, etc., the sympathetic nerve activity was increased, and it has been clarified to have a strong influence on cancer growth and metastasis. Tension of sympathetic nerves by stress is said to develop cancer.

In the past research, the gene of the sympathetic nerve entered into cancer tissue was manipulated, and the breast cancer increased with time when this nerve was stimulated, and the distant metastasis also increased. On the other hand, when the sympathetic nerve entered by gene operation was suppressed, breast cancer and metastatic cancer could be suppressed.

Because of this, chronic stress is reported to accelerate the progress of cancer and indicates that the change in autonomic nervous administration affects cancer.

It may change to a new year and there are many people who are out of habit. "Don't do our best," and "A lot of things happen"

Find your own relaxation method and try to spend a calm day without being impatient.

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