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Why don't you feel the dust in the breastfeeding?Breast cancer?

If you feel a lump while breastfeeding, you may be worried that you might be breast cancer.The cause of the lactation is what is called a nipple.The lactation feels like a breast has been provided to produce a large amount of breast milk.It is called a nipple that the lacter is clogged and the hard clerosis can be found.A nipple is lost by squeezing out breast milk.However, by leaving it without squeezing it, it causes acenomyelitis, which suspends breast milk.It is dangerous to leave the breast of breast cancer with the dust of the nipple, so let' s take a quick look at the exterior of the mammary glands.

If breast cancer is found during pregnancy, you will be worried about the future of the baby, right?We will decide on the treatment policy based on a comprehensive judgment on the progress of cancer and the number of weeks of pregnancy.Breast cancer itself does not affect the baby itself, and it does not matter if it is breastfeeding after delivery.However, if you are taking anticancer drugs, you have to refrain from breastfeeding.

The lacillary is a lacetic and mammary glatitis that is felt during breastfeeding, but in some cases it may be breast cancer.Inspections are possible during pregnancy and lactation.During pregnancy, mammary glands are developed during pregnancy and are conducted in echo, not by mammography, as the breast is growing.Mammography has a small amount of radiation exposure, but no echo.If you have a small dust or a symptom that you care about, let' s take an outpatient visit early in the mammary glands.

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