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Factors and correct knowledge that enhances breast cancer risk

Describes risk factors that enhance breast cancer risk.

1 No experience of childbirth or lactation 2 Breast cancer and benign mammary diseases 3 3 people who became breast cancer in the family 4 The first childbirth was over 30 years old 5 menopausal obesity 6 menopausal Early age is early 7 Menopausal age is late 8 Body weight is heavy 9 A lot of drinking sauce, there are smoking habits

In particular, 2 · 3 out of the same family

⚪︎ Multiple people who have breast cancer into breast cancer in the second degree of partractors (grandfather grandmother, uncleian aunt)

⚪︎ There is a person who developed breast cancer with men

⚪人 い There is a person who developed breast cancer in young age

In this case, the possibility of hereditary breast cancer is high.

Also, information that is often misunderstood is

"If you eat vegetables, it will not be cancer."

This is not a medical basis. Meat and fish animal proteins should be ate some extent.

"Cancer patients should not eat rice rice."

Brown rice hears the story that cancer is good, but there is no medical basis. If you want to eat white rice, you can eat white rice. Excessive patience what you want to eat as well as vegetables will cause stress.

"Dairy products become breast cancer"

It is a fact that there was a report that dairy products improve the risk of breast cancer in the past. However, I do not know clear relevance, and dairy products can not be decided as breast cancer causative substances.

It is not good to be too biased for any food.

Because it is not a breast cancer, there is no one without being treated as it is under treatment. Let's acquire the correct knowledge and try not to swing into various vulgarities.

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