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Pad after breast cancer

Today, let's talk concisely about pads after breast cancer.

Lightweight pads have urethane, sponge and gel type. If you want to spend easily after surgery, such a lightweight pad will be good. If you do not have enough volume, you may want to use it in combination. It can also be used with software underwear and dedicated underwear.

It is a silicon pad, but there are various types of silicon pads. It is totally unpained, preserved, adhesive, custom made. There is softness like a breast, and it is used in dedicated underwear. Prepare the weight of weight. Now there is also an adhesive type that you think about heat and mrees and temperature adjustment and use for the previous underwear. Custom made is adhered and placed in a hot spring, but it must always be attached and detached with the adhesive and removers, and the price is also expensive. Also, the weight silicon pad recommends that you use dedicated underwear considering the lymph edema. If you have surgery, you can easily become lymphatic edema than those who did not.

Let's spend every day with a comfortable silicon pad that fit you!

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