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About the side effects of breast cancer

One hormone treatment for breast cancer treatment may show symptoms such as menopause, such as hot flashes (a lot of sweating, fluffy faces), and the waves of mood.

In anticancer drug treatment, side effects are more likely to occur because they attack normal cells such as bone marrow, mucous membranes, and hair roots in addition to cancer cells. As a result, side effects such as leukocytes, platelet reduction, nausea, anorexia, taste impairment, hair loss, and discoloration and deformation of nails are likely to occur.

After surgery, it is often suffering from side effects, but it is important to continue the treatment as planned as a doctor to continue living well without recurring.

If the side effects are difficult, consult your doctor without being patient. It's absolutely good to stop taking medicine from your own discretion because the treatment is painful.

If you are not satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment policy announced by your doctor, a second opinion that listens to the opinions of multiple doctors is also good. It is great to be able to promote the treatment that is satisfactory by the second opinion. But don't be a doctor shopping.

It is a matter of course that you are worried and anxious about the treatment of illness, not only for breasts. If you feel unstable, you can consult a mental care expert. If you only think about the negative thoughts, you will not be able to treat breast cancer positively and will not be fun every day.

If you find it painful, it is one way to consult a mental care specialist and consult with you without thinking alone. In that case, it is a good idea to tell experts that they are under treatment for breast cancer.

“You are not alone!”

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