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The importance of self -check

The most important thing in treating breast cancer is early detection and early treatment. Advanced treatment is more likely to be cured.

Breast cancer occurs near the surface of the body. The breasts can be touched by themselves, so there is a high possibility that cancer can be found.

For early detection of breast cancer, the most important thing is to have a regular checkup in addition to consulting a regular checkup.

The most common cause of breast cancer is "lump". In everyday life, you often notice that there is something like a lump during bathing or changing clothes. If you have a lump and invasive cancer over 1 cm, you can often find it even if you touch it yourself. The lump of breast cancer is said to be like a resilient umeboshi seed.

Not only the breasts, but also the lump under the armpits. At this time, there is usually no pain. In addition, there is a lump = not necessarily breast cancer. It may be another disease. Palpation alone cannot definitely determine whether breast cancer or not.

Perform self -check once a month. And if you notice the lump, go to the mammary gland surgery immediately.

It is important to be interested in your health.

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