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What is the risk factor to increase breast cancer?

There are various factors that increase breast cancer, but today I will talk about female hormones first. Female hormones are greatly involved in breast cancer and proliferation.


People who have a large amount of estrogen secreted or have been secreted for a long time are more risky. (1) I have no childbirth ② I have no breastfeeding experience ③ I have the first birth for the first time (4) I have breast cancer and benign mammary gland diseases ⑤ After menopause, I have a high height. The age I came is fast ⑨ Heavy weight when giving birth ⑩ smoking cigarettes ⑪ There are many alcohol

You have to be careful as there are many applicable above.

Other hormones

There are research results that those who have no experience of childbirth are twice as risky compared to some people. After giving birth, estrogen decreases during lactation. This is because if you do not have pregnancy or lactation, the amount of estrogen will inevitably increase. After menopause, estrogen secretion decreases. After menopause, estrogen is synthesized from Androgen, a male hormone secreted from the adrenal cortex in the adipose tissue. Obesity after menopause can increase the concentration, so be sure to exercise moderately and be careful about obesity.

In the next blog, I will talk about the gene, another cause.

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