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Breast cancer test

(1) Mammography, Tomosinsense (3D mammography) (2) ultrasound (echo) ③ Contrast CT, PETCT ④ MRI, PEM (PET inspection device for breasts), ABVS (breast automatic ultrasonic device)

Use the above equipment for breast cancer tests.

① Mammography

In mammography, both the mammary glands and cancer are white. It is difficult to distinguish in the Densblest, where the mammary gland is white and dark. If it is a Densblest, use an ultrasonic test together. Possibility of pregnancy, before menstruation, and during lactation, the mammary glands develop and feel painful. If you are vulnerable to pain, we recommend ultrasonography.

② Ultrasound (echo)

Check if there is a shikori, benign or malignant. It is a painless test. Unlike mammography, it is easy to distinguish between normal mammary gland tissues and shikori. You can also find a small shikori. However, it is difficult to detect fine calcification compared to mammography, and if the breast is large, ultrasonic waves may not reach deep.

③ Control CT

Injecting a contrast agent is required. Because the contrast agent contains iodine, no iodine allergy is accepted. If you have allergies, bronchial asthma, side effects in the past, or have renal dysfunction, consult your doctor.


There is no worry about exposure. Use a contrast agent to determine normal mammary glands and lesions. Closed phobia may feel stressed. If you are pregnant or possibly, there are medical devices such as pacemakers and inner ears in the body, you are using a brain artery clip, and you can not receive MRI.


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