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Breast cancer self check! Early discovery is important

Breast cancer is said to be important for early detection by self-check. That way, more than 60% is discovered by self-check. However, I think there are many people who do not know how to do it.

First, check while taking off your clothes. Make sure that the breast size does not differ if the arm is lowered. It may not be bottle. Next, let's raise your arms and check from the front, horizontal and oblique angles. You can check more firmly by using a mirror. If you have symptoms that are concerned about under the breast and sideways, let's lighten the papilla. If there is a mixture of blood mixed with blood, there is a possibility of breast cancer.

Next is checking while using the bath. Let's touch the breast while using the bathtub. Let's keep your fingers and check the skin while drawing a small circle. Let's check properly like stones. Check if the lymph node below is also swollen.

It is also checked before going to bed. It will be more susceptible to putting a cushion under the shoulder. Then, check the breast's arms on the breast side, and slide the finger from the outside of the breast to the papillae from the outside of the breast. Let's check the same side as well. By becoming back, the adipose tissue shifts, and it may be understood when you checked and checked.

Let's check the basics of whether there is a stimulated stiffness or the size of the breast, whether there is no hemorrhage or the skin of the breast, or the basics of whether the breast's skin is not hemorrhoid or the skin of the breast. .

As a subjective symptom, be aware of swelling, pain, and breast pain. If you touch the side, you can also think of lymph node metastases if they are swollen or heat. It may be a feeling that the hand can be numb. If the breast is painful for a long time, please visit early.

Self-checking recommends that you always have one month.


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