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About aftercare after breast cancer surgery

"What do you are waiting after surgery?" There are many people who think. Today is about postoperative complications.

Starting with all breast cancer, surgery is first considered. Women, male and male, it is a very courage to resect the breasts and breasts.

As a postoperative complications, the lymph fluid falls below the side, the chest swelling (lymphotomas), the arms and shoulders are less likely to move, and the skin of the skin around the surgical site is dull.

The lymphatic fluid may be accumulated at the side and surgery. It will soon improve, but will continue to improve, but if it is prolonged, we will treat the liquid.

In lymph edema, we will improve with massage and exercise that improves the flow.

By performing lymph node dissection or resting the body, the movement of muscles and joints may be dull and the arm and shoulder may be difficult to move. Therefore, early rehabilitation is desirable.

There are many nerves around the lymph node. A surgical method that leaves the main nerves is also selected, but the senses under the side may be dull.

You can listen to doctors and nurses soon after hospitalization. But after returning home at home, you can not hear anything soon. What should I do after discharge? We will tell you after-sales after-care.

Of course, those who are working, as well as housework, such as housework. First of all, I do not overdo it. Let's get inevitable gradually and consult with the attending physician and the workplace if there is something. In particular, the arms on the surgery are often heavy, and care should be taken when carrying futons, and when you have a heavy shopping bag or laundry. In that case, let's devise the other hand to use.

Similarly, let's review lifestyle habits. If it is not breast cancer but also smoking habits or diet, the body's condition may be worse and it may develop into diseases including cancer. Review your life itself and improve it.

Let's acquire the correct knowledge after breast cancer. In addition to the prevention of complications, you can improve by devising to life.




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