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Breast reconstruction benefits, demerit?

Breast cancer treatment has also been developed, and the choice of breast reconstruction also increased. However, if it is necessary to make a decision at the beginning of treatment or not, if you have to make a decision early, there is a limited time or any other person who can choose when it is wondered if it will be lost Isn't there a lot? Today I will talk about the merits and demerits. I think it would be useful to make a convincing choice.


⚫︎ There is no sense of loss that the breast has been lost

⚫︎ If the wound is cure, you can choose underwear freely

⚫︎ You can live positively with the goal of doing reconstruction surgery

⚫︎ There is no annoyance to use dedicated underwear and correction pad every time

⚫︎ You can bathe in the hot spring without worrying about people in the public place


⚫な い Do not necessarily return to the desired shape

⚫新 New scar can be made by re-procedures

⚫The left and right differences occur

⚫場合 In the case of autologous organization, surgery takes time for postoperative recovery in a long time

⚫場合 In the case of the implant, the chest of the side where the surgery did not surge as time passes, and the breasts of the reconstructed side will come out

Of course, choose a certain technique, but the merits and disadvantages are different. There is also an option that does not rebuild breasts. Now there are various artificial breasts, and it is a time when you can choose your favorite artificial breast and buy it.

Our products are one of them. Choosing the option that does not rebuild breasts is also provided with products that can recover confidence brightly.

Please try to organize and use information to be convinced.

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