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Necessity of oral care during cancer treatment

Today I will talk about the importance of oral care. Anticancer drug treatment and radiation therapy are difficult to brush to teeth due to side effects such as stomatitis and nausea. However, leaving it is causing dental caries and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is infectious disease, so it may cause bacterial invaded from the place of stomatitis when the immunity is lowered, and may become infections such as sepsis.

It is also understood now that there is a risk of becoming diabetes and cerebrust infarction, and myocardial infarction. Such complications during cancer treatment leads to a decrease in treatment interruptions and therapeutic effects.

First of all, the basics of oral care are the correct toothpaste three times a day. At that time, the head is small so that the oral mucous membrane does not come out, the pattern is straight and a soft teeth is recommended.

When you can inform you of the mouth, let's make clean care with gargling. If you can't brush your teeth, let's garnish with a comed out medicine such as a contest. Moisturizing and clean. If there is an inflammation at the corner of the mouth, if you open the mouth, you may arise, so let's paint basseline etc. at that time.

If you are in dentures, let's clean the dentures first. Because dentures are also easy to accumulate plaque, please remove the teeth after every meal and clean it. If you have stomatitis, let's refrain from dentures.

If you have trouble during cancer treatment, consult your doctor and visit dentistry. During cancer treatment, cooperation with dentists is always required. If you have a dental doctor, you may also know cancer treatment information.

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