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Don't be too conscious of others. Let's relax your heart.

If you work hard every day, you may be tired of your heart in your daily life. I'm frustrated, I can't afford to feel ...

Today I will first introduce three things to throw away when my heart is tired. Today is the first introduction.

1. Thinking of "I have to be 〇〇"

When mental fatigue accumulates, the thoughts become narrower, and this way of thinking is more likely, and it is easy to create a thought that drive yourself. I get frustrated by the casual behavior of my family, friends, and lovers, and I can't usually forgive anything. Have you ever had such an experience? When you are tired, your mind will be narrowed and you will tend to fall into a negative spiral that gets frustrated.

That's why you should stop such thoughts, relax your shoulders, relax, and have a wide field of view.

In order to abandon such a thinking circuit, even if you make mistakes or do not work, let's say "there is such a thing" or "I sometimes make a mistake". I tend to think that making mistakes or going well may have happened in the future, but that's not the case. Let's have an optimistic feeling in a good way to do something next. If you feel comfortable saying "next is OK", you can switch your feelings without depression and cut off your negative spiral.

In some cases, unpleasant people are stressed as a cause of stress. For example, you may meet people who are unpleasant, high -pressure, and those who do not suit you in your daily life. However, if you are frustrated each time, your heart will be exhausted.

How about thinking that there are some people? If you get in touch with disgusting people, you tend to be caught in unpleasant memories. Perhaps some people have always thought about disgusting people unconsciously.

In such a case, the above -mentioned way of thinking is useful. It is important to think, "Some people have different ways of thinking in the world." With this concept, you will not be able to swing your feelings by disgusting people.

How was it?

It would be nice if you could control your heart little by little to positive thinking.

Next time, I will introduce the remaining two.

Let's have a wonderful new week today!

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