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World Cancer Day !!

February 4 is "World Cancer Day".

How much knowledge do you have for cancer, care for cancer patients, and care for family patients with cancer?

There are still many prejudice and wrong perceptions to cancer. Understanding cancer correctly leads to caring for many people.

Now, more and more people are talking about illness in SNS in their own words. It is a big change that I can transmit and talk about cancer myself, and I think it is important to know the illness and have it to be perceived as myself.

In addition, research on cancer treatment is very important for cancer treatment. The result of a new cancer research is likely to save the patient's life. If a new drug is developed by research, many people can save many people.

It is important to be able to spend time with a smile as well as those who have cancer.
I hope everyone will come as soon as possible.

“Create a future without cancer.
"Close The Care Gap!"

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