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Early inspection, early detection, early treatment

First of all, if there is such a symptom in the self-check, doubt breast cancer.

⚪︎ There is a sicoli under the breast and waki

⚪There is attract to the skin of the breast

⚪︎ There is a recess in the breast

⚪Compare the left and right breasts, there is a difference in size and tension

⚪ジ The colored secretion fluid comes out of one breast, and the state of jujuku continues

There is a symptom that chest is chicks, so it does not mean breast cancer. Symptoms due to female hormonal balance.

It is approximately 90% that the initial subjective symptoms of breast cancer can do not pain. The remaining 10% will be the symptoms that the nipples and inaragons have come out of the nipples and the meat ring where the blood is mixed from the papilla. Other subjective symptoms are rare. Of course, there is also a case where I went to the hospital with a sense of discomfort that my heart is chickling and tried to inspect it. However, let's remember that the symptoms of breast cancer are the symptoms of breast cancer. However, it is good that it is good to go to the hospital.

It is difficult to discover even if you are receiving regular medical examination, and it is a breast cancer that you are in progress without knowing. The most important thing is early inspection, early detection, and early treatment.

Even if you are anxious about your body, let's regularly visit breast cancer inspection at the early stage.

If there is a subjective symptom, please consult a breast out-of-old doctor.

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