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If you say "I can not surgery", what should I do?

Surgery is a treatment to get cancer and removing cancer. If it is early cancer, surgery will be effective. However, if cancer is already spreading to the whole body, or if it is at a difficult part of surgery, surgery may not be possible. Even after surgery, it may be recurred again from cancer remaining and cancer.

Chemotherapy is a method of suppressing the function of cancer with an anticancer force. It is effective when cancer is spreading over the whole body or if cancer is large. Surgery may be performed after reducing cancer with anticancer drug. However, it may be plagued by side effects. Hair hair comes out, it is afraid, and I feel uncomfortable symptoms.

Radiation therapy reduces cancer cells by irradiating cancer. We have changed daily, such as tomotherapy and cyber knife, and the latest equipment is also born. After surgery, there is a way to radiate the site where recurrence can occur, and there is a method of eradicating cancer, which is effective in preventing recurrence. In addition, if cancer has spread over the entire body, there is no power to withstand surgery, radiation may be performed to suppress the movement of cancer. By reducing cancer, side effects can be minimized. There is almost no pain.

It tends to be aware of auxiliary, which is a good misunderstanding in radiation therapy. This is different. Radiation therapy is advancing and allows for accurate radiation to cancer. Surgery is the first choice to remove cancer, but it is certain that the body will be burdened. It takes time to adapt. That's why it will recur you after a few years, and you will feel like you are likely to tear up if you say that you can not surgery.

The reason that it is said that no surgery can not be done is that cancer is spread, and removing organs are uneasy in case of risk, which is uneasy about children and elderly people.

If you do not select surgery, you will not be able to leave cancer. If you do not want to do surgery, you can reduce cancer with radiation therapy to reduce side effects. Even if you can not surgery, you do not need to fall. Radiation therapy is the best treatment for such cases.


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