♡Good Fit & Smile ♡♡Breast cancer support♡

Aim to aim for cancer and appearance also a society that does not have to hide!

I entered Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH in October, did you go for a screening? We dr.Breast team also checked.

What we always think is to be a title, so "Cancer or appearance does not have to hide". Even if cancer, hair removal is a society where you can live comfortably even if you don't hide the change in illness and appearance.

After removing the chest, it is not necessary to be able to restore the same chest shape and the color of the original chest and the color. Same as the skin that is not making makeup, and let's fashion with the tits. Your favorite color. . . There is no need to stick to beige.

When Dr.Breast's breast form appeared from underwear, you will be surprised to your friends and envy.

Our breast form is a colorful and designed with fashionable.

Let's create a society that supports people who are serious and thinking about cancer together.


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