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How do you choose a breast form to put in underwear after surgery?

"I do not know what kind of pad to put in underwear after breast cancer surgery," said to our customers. I would like to explain today. Types are lightweight pads (urethane, sponge, small gel), silicon pads, for preserving), adhesive pads, and custom-made population breasts.

If you want to spend easily after surgery, the lightweight pad is good. You can combine volumes and use volumes, and can also be used for software brases and dedicated bra. Silicon pad's soft gel is used in a dedicated bra's pocket, and balances the left and right volumes and weight. Adhesive pads can be used for the previous bra. Custom-made population breasts can be adhered and can be entered in hot springs, but they will be removable with adhesives and removers every time, and the cost is considerably expensive.

Our breast form is lighter than gel-like and breathability. You can also use the underwear so far and can be dedicated to dedicated underwear. Of course it is possible to swim, and some of the colorful colors, which are the attractiveness of our products, will make you feel confident.

Is it not good that the heavy pad is not good, but is it to be used properly in daily operation?

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