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Positive from 5 habits!

Many people want to be positive. However, practicing often does not work. Positive people can live a happy life. Let's take a look at the five habits that can be positive today. First, I will introduce 5.

1. Write three good things every night.

2. Write your gratitude in the letter and give it.

3. Make words with strong positive power into a habit.

4. Spend with a positive person.

5. Laugh, smile

How is it? Did you have anything you are doing? Let's take a look at each explanation.


Write down three things you have done every night for a week, and write the reasons. Let's write every night. A notebook, diary, or mobile memo may be fine. The habit is the number one, but let's continue the week as a guide.


Let's write a thank -you letter to those who have been kind in the past. For example, you may want to give a gift with a thank you letter for an event.


Let's make words with strong positive power. (1) Positive words (I understand, like, so) ② Thank you words (thank you, thank you) ③ Positive words (you can, let's do it) ④ Praise (amazing, wonderful, wonderful) ⑤ favor Words (I like, love, I love you)

It is a strategy to deceive by uttering positive words in your brain. If you can't do it because you don't feel positive, let's go.


You must avoid being with a negative person all the time. Because both positive and negative are transmitted. To be positive, increase your time with a positive person.


Even if you laugh, you will be positive if you smile. First, let's make the expression of the face in a smile. Even when there is a lot of stress, let's raise the corner of the mouth and create a smile. Watch an interesting movie and try to increase the frequency of laughing.

Positive is not personality. The part that depends on the habit is large. The habit can always be changed. Please recognize it.

Let's have a positive week with a smile this week!


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