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Life rhythm during cancer treatment

I think it is a big deal to live everyday life while treating cancer. During treatment, exactly the same life as before may be difficult while treatment. You should have to move even if you want to move with side effects. Let's think about learning life rhythms that incorporate cancer treatment. At the same time, think about the body when the body is hard. When recovering from side effects, it may be good to spend a slight weight time for everyday life activities. For example, walking or slowly walking with aerobic exercise a little every day.

The feeling of fatigue is hard to be transmitted to the people around me. If you are painful to people around you will be supported.

It may not be possible to work hard for housework and family while receiving anticancer drug treatment. Especially after receiving an anti-cancer drug treatment, it is better to understand that this time is tough, and it may be better to say that it may be lie soon.

Without work hard, your own pace is very important.

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