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Childhood cancer and heart care

Today is a blog about childhood cancer.

The fact that children become cancer are events that shake their families from the root. Very surprise and shock. Naturally, it is necessary to receive that the child who should have a future may have a potential to lose life. Care support is very important.

Parents also need to hear the story of the doctor's teacher and understand the treatment firmly and actively support children's treatment. Even if it is surgery, even if it is chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is very hard to make your child's spinning, but it must be done by encouraging it and proceed with treatment. This is a very difficult thing.

However, most families are going to overcome with various mental licks and their body-like burden that himself tired. Professional staff should not only support the children who receive treatment, but also be careful that parents are concerned about their care, proceed to rest, and can be supported by appropriate addresses such as slow troubles.

Hospitals that specialize in child cancer are particularly careful about family mental care. Let's consult with social workers and child life specialists without holding.

Next month is the arrival of the Christmas season. Our team is also going to give a christmas present with children who are working hard by children.

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