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Fashion during cancer treatment

We will introduce you to the fashion where you can have your ownness during treatment.

First of all, it is a hairstyle. When choosing a wig, it is good to think about whether it is possible to make the size adjustment when it is a budget, population hair, or when hair increases. Sometimes you may change the style of wigs. There is also a hairdresser that cuts medical wigs, so it is also good to change the style and change it.

When going to play, how do you enjoy your hat and your hair and enjoy it? Hair removal makes it easy to feel cold by exposing the scalp. Let's protect with hat etc.

Next is makeup. When drawing eyebrows, use an eyebrow template, and Iblollow pencils are good to use sweat or sebum to use a wavetal palt. Eye makeup may cover your eyes blurry or put fashionable glasses. Eye eyelashes are also possible, but make sure that the adhesive is fitted to the skin and then used.

Nails are not nail closer, but to keep clean and clean and clean. This is because the claws of the limbs may become or discolored with an anticancer drug. Let's enjoy nail color. The gel nail is a little more look forward to scraping the nails, but you can have a long color with the base coat and the topcoat.

Because it is under the treatment of cancer, there is no need to give up fashion. Look for your own fashion.


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