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Breast cancer and mental care

Everyone will be mentally unstable if you are told breast cancer and receive treatment. There is no difference in difference, there is no concern.

First of all, don't worry about alone. First of all, do you talk to the consultation support room of your doctor or hospital? Medical social workers, nurses, and psychologists, etc. experts will respond to various consultations. In addition, it prevents hugging to hold alone by receiving cancer patients and counseling.

Don't be anxious, please do not lose to your feelings. Everyone is uneasy if it takes a big sickness, not breast cancer. It can not be helped. It is also important to recognize anxious feelings instead of switching. Even if the treatment is over, worrying may continue, but time may be solved in a daily life. Let's go leisurely without being impatient.

Sometimes it makes a change, and reduce the frequency of illness only. It may be difficult even if it says. But try to consciously increase the time you like. I think that you can change your mind by reducing things that are thinking about illness.

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