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Relationship between breast cancer and childbirth

It is possible to give birth even if you are diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy. Depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy and progress, you may be able to respond to case -by cases. Oppers and drug therapy may be performed after childbirth, and sometimes giving birth after giving anticancer drug treatment during pregnancy.

There is no need to worry about breast cancer affecting the fetus or cancer cells transmitting the fetus. There is no harm even if you breastfeed after giving birth. However, please refrain from breastfeeding while taking anticancer drugs.

I hear the story of "giving up on childbirth because of breast cancer recurrence", but the survival rate does not decrease even after the treatment of breast cancer, and the experience of being treated with anticancer drugs and hormone drugs. Even if there is a miscarriage, premature birth, or the risk of recurrence, there is no increase. If you are worried, consult a specialist without yourself.

Currently, if you do not plan to give birth, but if you want to give birth in the future, you will freeze and preserve eggs etc. before the ovarian function is reduced or the menstruation becomes menstrual. There is also a method. The freezing preservation of fertilized eggs is also one of the options.

You do not need to give up childbirth due to breast cancer.

When necessary, consult your doctor and resolve your anxiety as much as possible before breast cancer treatment.


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