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Self -screening once a month

It is in October. Breast cancer month.

Did you check your self? If you are an adult woman, do a self -examination once a month. Today I will tell you about two checks.

① How to look in front of the mirror

Check the left and right differences of the breasts, swelling, stiffness, depression, and skin changes.

1. Raise your arms high in front of the mirror with the upper body and assemble behind your head

2. Check the check part

3. Lower your arms and hit the waist to check if there is no dust in the breasts.

② How to touch and check with your own hands

1. When checking the left breast, align the four fingers of the right hand, sandwich the breast with the belly and ribs of the finger, and move the finger like a circular.

2. Move the right breast with the left hand finger in the same way.

3. Squeeze the breast and nipple with your fingertips to find out if there is no secretion.

4. Do it on your back. Raise the arm of the tailed breast and touch it with the other hand.

After a self -examination, if you feel anomaly, get a test at a medical institution as soon as possible. It doesn't make sense to notice abnormally and leave it alone. If you receive appropriate treatment by early detection, more than 90%can be cured without affecting life. Even if there is a stiff, breast cancer is not always the case, so if you feel abnormal without self -judgment, be sure to consult a medical institution.

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