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We need to know the right information about breast cancer.

If you connect to the Internet, you know what information you want to know right now.

Many people write blogs, and people who are unaware of their bodies and breasts have also been conscious of breast cancer by reading them.By reading a blog, you can be a guide or guide to your mind, saying, "It's not just me, it's not just me." "People other than me are doing their best to get you bravely."

However, the treatment policy and selection of blogs is not the right one.The symptoms of breast cancer vary one by one.It is too early to say, "That person was treated like this in a blog, and it should be the most accurate and correct one."

In addition, with the diagnosis of breast cancer, I would like to talk to other doctors and listen to them.It's called "second opinion."It is also a useful way to hear the opinions of the doctor other than the doctor, to discuss the treatment from another viewpoint, and to convince yourself and the family to understand them and to proceed with the treatment.On the other hand, there is a 'Doctor Shopping' which is used to change hospitals one after another because there are no opinions that they want to do.It is to change hospitals one after another by feeling mistrust in diagnosis when doctors make different judgments and opinions based on information and knowledge of the Internet.Doctors may make suggestions that are different from what you learned on the Internet.Disobediing, turning hospitals into hospitals is a waste of money and valuable time.The treatment of breast cancer is not based on the judgment of a doctor, but is provided with a medical treatment method based on medical grounds.

If you open the current site, you will be able to get lots of information.But it's not all up to date.The number of breast cancer patients has been increasing worldwide, and new medicines and treatments have been developed.Of course, all the information is not being serialized.It's very important to look into and find out for yourself.But let us know where the information is up to date or that the information is neat.We will collect information that has high faith in the medical institutions and other institutions.

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