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About breast cancer treatment and side effects

Speaking of breast cancer treatment is "surgery" "Anticancer drug, drug therapy" and "radiation treatment". Isn't the most misunderstanding method in it, is not radiation therapy?

It is incident that there is an image that the side effect is tight for radiation therapy, but it is not true. Medical care has also advanced, and there are cases where surgery and anti-cancer treatment can not be carried out from the balance between elderly and chicks. It is radiotherapy that is adapted at that time.

Today I will talk about radiation and side effects.

Radiation therapy is a local therapy that irradiates cancer's lesions to kill cancer cells. In recent years, medical care has also advanced to accurately measure cancer size and position to intensively irradiate them. This improves the therapeutic effect of radiation.

It is also limited by side effects. Radiation therapy has become possible to target cancer cells with pinpoint irradiation, but it does not have to damage the surrounding organs. For example, when irradiated to the head, roughness and hair loss of the scalp may be observed, and diarrhea, nausea, and appetite may occur due to irradiation to the digestive tract. The skin of the irradiation site may be like sunburn.

However, pinpoint irradiation is a part of the side effects, and the whole body case is rare. If necessary, we are making efforts to minimize by dosing or improving with day-to-day care.

If you are concerned about the irradiation site, moisturize with oil and cream. It is also good to listen to the method of care to the doctor.

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