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About the purpose of anticancer drugs

The treatment of breast cancer includes surgery, drug therapy, and radiation therapy. The treatment will be promoted depending on the nature and progress.

Anticancer drugs are a treatment method that suppresses the growth of cancer cells. Prevents transfer and recurrence. It is used when there is a possibility of metastases or metastases, and when treatment is needed in a wide range of metastasis and blood and lymph cancer.

Time for anticancer drugs

① Early in case

Anticancer drugs make cancer smaller before surgery before performing surgery. In the case of local advanced breast cancer, which has a large lump or a large invasion of the skin and a difficult to operate, it is performed to reduce the operation with early chemotherapy and perform surgery. If the lump becomes smaller with early chemotherapy, the possibility of performing breast preserving surgery increases. Early chemotherapy is said to reduce 70-90%breast cancer, which reduces the first danger.

② When performing after surgery

The most important thing to note about breast cancer is metastases and recurrence. The purpose of anticancer drug treatment performed after surgery is to eradicate potential small metastases. Postpartal chemotherapy reduces recurrence and mortality. In the case of invasive cancer, it is considered that micro cancer cells are scattered throughout the body on lymph and blood vessels. It is difficult to find in the test, and even if the surgery can be removed from breast cancer, there is a possibility of metastasis or recurrence. I do chemotherapy to eradicate this. HER2 Most anticancer drug treatment is provided for triple negative breast cancer that is positive for positive milk.

③ In case of distant metastasis

Use an anticancer drug if you transfer. In this case, the purpose is to extend the life and the improvement of QOL. Transplanted cancer can reduce progress by anticancer drugs and get a life -extension effect. You can expect QOL improvement by relieving symptoms. I will look at the balance between the effects and the side effects.

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