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Many people are worried that if you feel pain or lump, you may have breast cancer. Symptoms, such as lumps, pain, and abnormal nipple secretion, are similar to breast cancer. However, breast cancer often does not accompany pain.

Macalopathy can be caused by hormonal imbalance to everyone. The main causes are estrogen and progesterone. Especially estrogen is involved. If estrogen becomes excessive with menstrual cycle and ovulation, the mammary glands will swell. Something like a lump appears by swelling. Pain does not last but links to menstrual cycle and ovulation. Especially during menopause or before menopause, the breast may feel pain. However, be careful if you feel pain after menopause. After menopause, the fluctuations in female hormones disappear. If you feel the abnormalities of the breast after menopause, consult a medical institution immediately.

The autonomic nervous system is affected by female hormones. If a disturbance caused by stress, busy, and lack of sleep, it will affect the autonomic nervous system. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet, sleep well, and spend a relaxing life.

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