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Treatment and support of family and surroundings

One day, if your mother or wife suddenly gets cancer, how will your family live? In that case, I think that dads and husbands will support their children through hospitalization and treatment. However, some people may find it difficult to take a break due to work. Dads and husbands will be busy with work, housework, and childcare, and will not have time to breathe.

Cancer treatment takes time. Even if surgery or hospitalization is over, the treatment period will be longer. Hormone treatment generally takes five years and may take more. If the cancer recur, if you lose your life ... you will be raising your family's life and mental anxiety.

It is also said that the husband who is treating cancer may not be able to understand his husband. Although he was kind during hospitalization and surgery, some patients said that their attitudes and words would be stressful after surgery.

One of the factors that cannot be understood by the surroundings is that they cannot understand the difference between surgery and treatment, and that it is difficult to understand the side effects of anticancer drug treatment and hormone treatment. Because surgery has a visible wound, it is easy for people around you to understand what the patient is in. However, in the case of treatment, there are invisible side effects from the outpatient clinic, and it may not be possible to understand the difficulty. Also, hormone treatment is the most difficult to understand the pain of treatment in the case of side effects. While anticancer drug treatment has many visible side effects such as hair loss and vomiting, hormone treatment has side effects similar to menopause. Hot rush, frustrated, depressed symptoms. Such symptoms are difficult to understand because they cannot be understood by appearance.

The treatment of cancer is very painful. It is not a disease that will never heal. The impact of mothers and wife on the family is not just a bad thing. In some cases, family bonds and thanks may be recognized. It is very important to have an important mother and a family that supports your wife.

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