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About PEM inspection

Do you know the PEM test? It is the latest image diagnostic device that discovers super early breast cancer. A PET test using a device dedicated to the mammary glands. It is better to discover breast cancer than a normal PET test. It is now possible to find a 2mm tumor. This allows you to discover super early breast cancer.

In addition, it was difficult to see the nature of lumps in the CT test and MRL test so far, and it was necessary to have a precision test by cytology and organizational examination. However, the concentration of chemicals on the lumps, so you can see that the tumor is malignant. Therefore, PEM tests not only discover lumps, but can also see the nature of benign or malignant lumps.

In addition, it can be tested in the developed mammary glands of the young generation. Nowadays, young breast cancer is increasing. It is also effective for breast augmentation surgery and breast after the reconstruction of the breast without being affected by the mammary glands. Not only the initial cancer, but also the presence or absence of recurrence cancer can be found quickly, making it a judgment material for the treatment method.

Mammography was painful and it was difficult to see through the lesion after surgery, but PEM tests did not have any pain and can be tested with confidence without being tested many times. However, due to a small amount of exposure, you cannot test during pregnancy.

Medical care is progressing so that small cancers can be found quickly.

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