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Efficacy of the active ingredient of green tea

Do you like tea? What kind of tea do you drink a day?

Green tea is one of the familiar tea for Japanese people. It contains a lot of polyphenols called catechin, and is also incorporated into the nutritional therapy of cancer patients. Overseas, green tea supplements are also sold.

Green tea active ingredient catechin includes (1) suppression of carcinogenic cancer (2) suppression of cancer growth promotion (3) promotion of cancer cell apoptosis (④ Cancer transfer suppression, blood vessels inhibitory in cancer tissue, etc. (Cancer cells form a new blood vessel. One of the things that competes for blood vessels is formed is green tea catechin.)

One of the green tea catechins is Epigarocateking Gallate (EGCG). Tea is destroyed in the process of fermentation, but green tea has a large amount of catechin because there is no fermentation process. Drinking 2.3 cups of green tea makes EGCG abundant in the blood. Controling blood vessels means suppressing tumor formation, and catechin is a potential effect without risking the function of the surrounding tissue.

When choosing green tea, choose one with a high proportion of catechin. And drink green tea every day. You can take EGCG regularly and maintain high blood concentration. Green tea can be a physical detoxification effect, activates the liver function, and can eliminate fast cancer toxins from the body.

I've talked about the importance of green tea, but first choose green tea with a large amount of catechin. There is a green tea in China and Japan, but there is information that Japanese green tea has a large amount of catechin. There is also a tea pack green tea, but it is difficult to get the effect of green tea with a tea pack. Tea pack is a collection of tea dregs.

Recommended, please put green tea tea leaves in a teapot. Avoid stainless steel. 8-10 minutes steam. If you add tea, drink in your favorite cup. The standard is three cups every day. It's a good idea to listen to your favorite music and relax and drink.

How about practicing it from today?

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